Miss Invisible♥

Every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes like a giant spot light.♥

I went from being depressed and hating myself to being happy and loving myself. It’s not because I changed anything, but because I realized I can do amazing things that some women don’t have the ability to do. I am growing this amazing thing in my belly. I created a life for someone that I hope I can give the BEST life to. Little baby, I hope you know how much your daddy and I love you. We are going through so much just so we can be a family because you deserve that. You deserve a daddy to love you and teach you and help you grow, and you deserve a mother to love you and teach you and help you grow, and we are going to do it together. Nothing in this world can stop us. We hope that as you get older, things are going to get harder. You are going to have rules and limitations as to what you can do. And trust me, I know how frustrating that can be. I was there once, but you know what? I realized that it’s because we love you. My mom have me all of those rules because she loves me. And it regret not following them. It cause so much pain and heart ache for me. It would have been much simpler to just follow them. But just know, we aren’t doing it because we dislike you, we are doing it to protect you. We love you to the moon and we haven’t even met you yet. Baby, you have the potential to do anything. And we will be there to support you in ANYTHING. We will be there for you through anything. And we will love you no matter what. We can’t wait to meet you. ❤️❤️

Anonymous said: Who's the baby's dad?

Come off of anon. I’ll tell you.